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Clear sustainable energy solutions
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Sustainable solutions for the Marine, Transportation and Power industries
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CSET: reducing our customers global carbon footprint
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best-of-breed energy solutions

Fuel, Energy solutions, sustainability, biofuels, carbon emissions, and legislation are topics that dominate our current world.

To help our customers find the most efficient energy solutions, carbon reduction options, and similar possibilities, CSET provides best-of-breed energy solutions for “hard to decarbonize” industries, such as Marine, Transportation and Power Industries.

Together with our customers, we implement sustainable solutions while contributing to a better, greener world, reducing CO2 emissions.

What we do

With all trades we do, we believe that with optimization of supply chains, the use of biofuels, and re-processing of existing carbon waste products, we can contribute to lowering the global carbon footprint of our customers and contribute to the circular economy, which brings value to all.

Our focus lies on processed waste grades, generic biofuels, trade supply chain optimization, keeping our customers’ sustainable objectives in mind, and adding value to the acceleration of the energy transition.

We pioneer in the best possible way in ever-changing circumstances, under different market conditions, and a large variety of requests of our customers, always putting knowledge, flexibility, compliance, and adaptive abilities in the first place. This way, we help our customers to achieve their sustainability goals on an international scale.


We focus on supplying 2nd and 3rd-generation biofuels in compliance with (local country) legislation and international sustainability verification bodies. 

– Fuel Oil

– Gasoil


– SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel)

– Gasoline

– Crude Oil

– Metal slag recovery

– Land-fil solutions

Carbon neutral shipping options for inland shipping and global wet – and dry freight

Providing GHG (Green House Gas) saving solution for power generation

Reducing the carbon footprint of our customers by supplying the most efficient carbon-neutral energy solutions

CSET has a large set of services and knowledge. Our main focus lies on:

Sustainable fuel supply for the Marine Transportation sector

(low carbon-intensive ~re-processed~ fuels as per ISO-8217 standard)

Biofuel Marine Grades

(Fuel Oil based and Distillate based biofuel grades with 2nd/3rd generation biofuels as per ISO-8217 and ISCC standard)

Re-processed Fuel Oils

(Marine and power grades as per ISO-8217 standard)

Sustainable 2nd/3rd generation Biofuels

(ISCC certified)
Carbon certification

Carbon management

(end–to–end process management)

Carbon certification

Carbon offset solutions to provide for 100% carbon neutrality

(Tailor-made for our customers with a preference for local and similar industry-based solutions)

Expertise | Global Network

CSET operates worldwide, 24/7 over the globe, from Europe, Eurasia, Asia, Americas to India.

Our global network attributes value in the chain and trade flow, offering our customers a huge advantage. We cross all borders and connect all aspects in a trade deal.

Who we are

CSET is a Swiss company with a global reach based in Zug with support offices in Geneva and Rotterdam. We have highly skilled professionals with a broad experience and track record in the Global Renewable Energy Trading sector, Shipping sector, and Waste Management sector. Our core objective is to provide CO2-reducing solutions, especially for hard to decarbonize industries.

CSET is part of the CIMS Group. The CIMS Group consists of:

  • CIMS Netherlands covers maritime waste projects
  • CIMS Shipping provides inland barging solutions with their fleet of tankers
  • CIWS provides advice and solutions for industrial waste questions
  • Horizon 3 SRM focuses on sustainable out-of-the-box waste solutions

With unique insight, a proven track record, and a global network, we help many customers to smooth their trading and achieve their sustainability goals. 

Contact us

For more information, trade services, questions, and projects, please contact us:


+41 (0)7 64 87 18 40




Neuhofstrasse 20 | CH-6340 Baar (Zug)